NL Electric Chain Hoist

The winch machine offered by our company can be designed and built into any capacity and size to meet specific requirements of customers. The rated load capacity of winch is usually in a range of 0.5 ton to 300 tons. These winches can be utilized in a variety of fields, such as building industry, installation sites, factories, mining industry and marine. Constructed from quality steel, our winch equipment delivers reliable operation, great durability and excellent safety.
Whether you require a small winch such as 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton and 5 ton winch, or a heavy duty winch like 30 ton, 50 ton and 100 ton winch, we can offer you a proper winch solution at the most competitive price.

Electric chain hoist is a light and small lifting equipment.
Nucleon NL series chain hoist has compact structure and reliable performance.The design and manufacture of NL chain hoist conforms to the FEM standard and DIN standard It is consisted with motor, transmission mechanism and chain wheel. Inside gears are hot-quenched which increase the wear resistance of the gear and toughness.The modular design of motor and reducer enable products to combined into different hoisting speed.
It combines the 3D object modeling and the finite element analysis technique to further optimize the gear transmission, box structure and the dimension of every spare parts, in this way, every single component could achieve optimal value.
NL series chain electric hoist is of convenient installation.flexble operation,and it is the best helper of enterprise production and material transportation.  NL electric chain hoist adopts Germany technology and all key components are imported with original packaging,such as energy-efficient motors,safety brake,load protection clutch and high-strength wear-resisting chain. The excellent quality makes it match the similar advanced European products. Regarding quality performance,it always persists in satisfying the clients’ every single requirement uncompromisingly.
The hoist with double lifting speed in cast aluminium, sliver gray, Detachable handle.Lifting electric control system with 380v/48v/50hz.
High security
–Mechanical overload limiter, elastic torque limiter, limit switches and friction clutch combined into a comprehensive security system to ensure the operator and product safety.
High reliability   wire rope Electric Chain block Hoist
–Design Operating temperature -20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃, can operate normally under high temperature , high load , and other harsh conditions . wire rope Electric Chain block Hoist wire rope Electric Chain block Hoist
High efficiency wire rope Electric Chain block Hoist
–Maximum lifting weight can reach 5t, maximum lifting height up to 120m, which can be more widely used.
Modular design wire rope Electric Chain block Hoist
–Aluminum casing, through finite element analysis to optimize the design, form a standard modular series, small size, light weight, high strength, easy to assembly, sealing well. wire rope Electric Chain block Hoist
Humanization design  wire rope Electric Chain block Hoist
–Sprocket uses plug-in connectors for quick replacement of the entire sprocket without disassembling the motor or gear parts, thus greatly reducing downtime and easy for maintenance.
Maintenance free
–First electric plug braking then rely on brake to make the brake more quickly and smoothly, and also greatly reduces brake wear. Due to the small wear, there’s no need to adjust the brake and improves the life and reliability; maintenance-free for 10 years.