1 Ton Winch

The winch machine offered by our company can be designed and built into any capacity and size to meet specific requirements of customers. The rated load capacity of winch is usually in a range of 0.5 ton to 300 tons. These winches can be utilized in a variety of fields, such as building industry, installation sites, factories, mining industry and marine. Constructed from quality steel, our winch equipment delivers reliable operation, great durability and excellent safety.
Whether you require a small winch such as 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton and 5 ton winch, or a heavy duty winch like 30 ton, 50 ton and 100 ton winch, we can offer you a proper winch solution at the most competitive price.

1 Ton Winch

1 ton winch is a sort of lightweight winch product designed for infrequent or light service. It performs various lifting and pulling tasks with high-level efficiency and safety in construction sites, mines and docks. The one ton winch can be built into any size and form to match your load requirements. Generally, the winch machine provided by our company falls in a number of different options, including hand winch, electric winch, hydraulic winch, slow speed winch, high speed winch, single drum winch and double drum winch. You can find a reliable winch you want for your applications.

1 ton winch parameters:

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~200 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~3600 m
  • Working speed: 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

Product Details

Classifications of 1 Ton Winch for Sale

The winch 1 ton is designed with different drive options and it can be adapted to a variety of lifting applications. The 1 ton electric winch is a popular option to carry out lightweight lifting tasks due to its low operational cost, excellent safety, reliable performance and easy operation.

According to the rated working speed, electric winch 1 ton can be sorted into slow speed winch and high speed electric winch. The former delivers slow speed operation and accurate positioning, making it suitable for short-distance lifting tasks. While the latter is ideally suited to long-distance lifting applications which require high speed operation so as to increase the productivity and reduce power consumption.

1 ton slow speed electric winch parameters:

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~200 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~3600 m
  • Working speed: 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

According to the transmission system, the 1 ton electric winch can be classified into gear reducer drive and planetary drive. The electric planetary winch is widely used in construction and installation sites where space is an issue. It has plenty of distinct advantages compared to a traditional winch, including compact design, small size, light weight, simple operation, stable movement and long service life.

According to the working occasion, our 1 ton winch machine can be divided into construction winch, mine winch and marine winch. Especially, the winch used in mines should take explosion factor into consideration.

Basic Components of 1 Ton Electric Winch

Winch is a simple piece of heavy equipment mainly composed of electric motor, rope or cable drum, transmission system and control box.

Motor – it is the unit to supply power to the gear, which will then turn the drum to wind rope in or out.

Winch drum – it is a cylinder wound rope or cable.

Wire rope – the diameter and length of rope is largely determined by required load capacity.

Transmission system – it comes in two main options, gear reducer and planetary drive.

High Speed Electric Winch 1 Ton

High speed electric winch 1 ton parameters:

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~60 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~500 m
  • Working speed: 20~35 m/min; (single speed and dual speed)
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

Control box – it is used to control load motion. The push button box consists of up-down and emergency stop. It can be installed on or near the winch.

Remote control – it can be connected to control box for a more flexible operation.

Top Features of 1 Ton Electric Cable Winch

  1. Compact design. This small electric winch has compact structure and small size. The basic configuration of it only incorporates drum, electric motor and gear.
  2. Robust structure. The lightweight winch is built with high-quality components. We also use precision machining and corrosion protection to extend its service life.
  3. Surface protection. Our winch utilizes durable paint finish to prevent it from corroding in harsh working environments. And according to actual use, the type of paint and coating thickness will be different.
  4. Various options associated to the winch. We offer different options to our clients, including drum pressure plate, grooved drum, limit switches, load limiter and emergency crank.
  5. Custom design. We offer custom winch solutions to suit your special lifting needs.

AQ-JKD 1 ton planetary winch parameters:

  • Loading capacity: 0.75-2 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~200 m
  • Working speed: 20~35 m/min
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

Selecting The Right 1 Ton Winch for Your Business

There are several factors you need to consider in selecting a winch, including load capacity, working speed, rope capacity, motive power and of course your desired functionality.

Load capacity

Here comes a question, do you need a larger one? A 1 ton capacity winch may be strong enough for your present lifting tasks, while in case of expanding your business in the near future, a larger winch might be a cost-effective choice.


Many lifting applications prefer a slow speed winch for more accurate positioning. However, if increased productivity is at a premium, high speed winch is a better option.

Rope capacity

It refers to rope storage on the winch drum. The rope length and diameter are highly relevant to the load capacity.

Motive power

We offer electric and hydraulic winches for your particular applications, while hand winch is also supplied. In the selection of motive power, we always suggest you to try electric first for its easy operation, low cost and high reliability.

Desired functionality

Typically, the winch is used to lift, pull or drag heavy loads. Each type of winch has relative advantages in terms of its functionality.

A full understanding of our product list is very helpful for you to choose the possible winch type you may need for your applications.  If you have any doubt, please feel free to contact us online. Our experts will assist you to select the right type of winch.

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Precautions for Winch Operation

  • Fully know your winch mechanical property and operation.
  • Read the operator’s manual before operating a winch.
  • Do not cross wire rope and load during operation.
  • Inspect the critical parts of winch daily before use to make sure they in good working conditions.
  • Never leave the winch with less than 5 wraps of rope on the drum during operation.
  • Do not exceed the rated load capacity.
  • Maintain your winch periodically to prolong its working life.

How Much Does A 1 Ton Winch Cost?

In the selection process of a winch, always try electric first since the electric motor tends to be very economical if it is proven to be practical and reliable. If there is no power supply, the manual winch or hydraulic winch can be considered according to the specific situation. Typically, the winch machine price does not include the cost of control box, and it will go up with winch capacity, size and additional configurations.

The cost of winch largely depends on the load capacity, working speed, rope capacity, power source and so on. We offer the best price on winches that aim for maximum value for your business. Interested in 1 ton winch? Contact us for the most competitive price.